5 Steps to stage your home to sell fast

You don’t have to spend tons of money to have your home look like it was professionally staged. Follow these simple tricks and your house will be sell-ready and beautiful.

1. De-Clutter

De-cluttering is the most essential and most boring, but it can actually help, it will make your moving day easier. When De-Cluttering ensure you keep your counter top clean and clear of any anything. Remove everything that can be stored away.

2. Store away your personal effects

It may mean a lot to you but your personal effects, such as your family photo’s, your degree, mementos and anything that links to current homeowners should be stored away. Buyers want to imagine themselves, so more the house is a blank slate the better it is.

3. Change home colors to neutral colors

Neutral colors make your home look bigger and airier, also it helps buyers with their vision. When painting ensure you do it properly and not spill the paint on the floor and trims, this makes it look bad, use frog tape and lots of old newspapers to cover the area before painting.

4. Use bright props

What goes well with Neutral colors are some bright props. Well-placed bright props will bring the entire decor togeather, you don’t have to change the sofa, but you can definitely replace the cushion covers and the curtains, add some flowers in your room or a yellow tea kettle, a candle that matches your cushion covers.

5. Attention to selling features

 As a general rule, closets should be kept closed but if it’s a walk in closet it should be a selling feature and your realtor should emphasize on that.

Once you follow these 5 steps, you’ll see a SOLD board out of your house pretty fast!



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